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Is There An Ability to Recover for Business Losses

Related to Property Contaminated by COVID-19? Insurance policies for business interruption generally require the interruption of business operations to be the result of a “direct physical loss of or direct physical damage to property.” The crucial issue that business owners will face when making a claim for the losses that they will undoubtedly incur will be whether COVID-19 can constitute a “direct physica ...

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Is There an Ability to Recover for Business Losses

Related to Property Contaminated by COVID-19 Not only has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the health of hundreds of thousands of people globally, but the government response to this health crisis has also created a significant financial burden on businesses across the country. State and local officials issued “stay at home” orders which required the majority of residents to stay at home in states and countie ...

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Business Interruption

A Unique Assessment of Commercial Damages Business interruption is a form of commercial damages that may include both breach of contract and torts. While it is not common for financial experts to be hired in business interruption situations, some claims require their expertise. Unlike a traditional lost profit analysis, business interruption calculations are unique. Any expert asked to make such an analysis ...

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