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A Note on ESOP Valuation

A Note on ESOP Valuation[1] One of the most critical issues regarding valuation is the concept of adequate consideration.  The ESOP trustee cannot pay more than “adequate consideration” for the stock it purchases.[2]   In the context of an ESOP, ERISA defines adequate consideration as the stock’s “fair market value…as determined in good faith by the trustee…”[3]  The proposed Department of Labor regulations ...

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Best Intentions: The Letter of Intent, Seller Beware

Buyers and Sellers Have Different Relative Negotiation Advantages, and the Letter of Intent in an Engagement Helps Define Terms. Here’s How. While perhaps not the longest or most expensive document among those found in the in the M&A process, the letter of intent (LOI) may well be the most important, particularly to the seller. The LOI sets the tone for the transaction and serves as the road map for the ...

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‘Win-Win’ Transactions: Keys to Successful M&A Negotiations

Both Buyers and Sellers Should Follow a Careful Process to Realize a Successful Transaction. Here are Some Tips A successful business sale will ideally leave both the buyer and seller feeling the transaction was a success. Charles Andrews recaps questions that he asks sellers before accepting an engagement as a transaction advisor and lists ten steps defining a business sale process most likely to satisfy b ...

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Exit Planning: Nine Options to Consider

When Planning a Business Sale, Be Sure to Consider Personal Goals, Consistency, Salability, and Tax Implications Solid exit planning ensures that a business will realize top value when the owners are ready to move on.  How can business owners determine which strategies to focus on today to best build long-term growth?  It may depend on which exit option the owner ends up pursuing.  Here are nine options to ...

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