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How to Encourage Candor in Your Office

It is difficult to deliver bad news or discuss mistakes, but honesty plays an important part in the development of a workplace that is effective and productive.  Eddie Huffman states that, hard truths, delivered well, are necessary for health and growth. To read the full article in CPA Insider, click: How to Encourage Candor in Your Office. ...

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Eight Ways of Valuing a Family Owned Business

Managing Expectations of Sellers and Buyers Using the Right Standard of Value The author presents eight standards of value that a valuation analyst may need to consider and discuss with a client. Each standard has a different set of rules and the valuations can vary greatly. Valuing a business is an art – not a science – even though careful calculations are made to arrive at an appraisal of the business. Th ...

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Valuing a Business in a Client’s Personal Financial Plan

Business owners contemplating retirement should obtain a business valuation to determine the value of the business and whether the other resources will provide financial security. The conversation and successful engagement also requires that the valuation analyst understand the owner’s motivating factors, or the qualitative information. Obtaining the right price is important, but holding out for a larger va ...

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What a Matrimonial Attorney Needs From a Financial Expert

How to Maintain Independence and Professionalism in a Complex and Changing Niche As divorce laws change, attorneys increasingly rely on financial experts such as business appraisers and forensic accountants.  In this article, Robert D. Feder discusses the role of a financial analyst in the context of matrimonial law.  He also covers some of the potential pitfalls of the trade. ...

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