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Lost Business Profit Damages Claims

Calculating Lost Revenue Lost profit damages are calculated when a plaintiff’s business alleges that the defendant’s actions impaired its operations in some manner. Determining lost revenues is a critical component in calculating lost profits. Lost profits are based primarily on lost revenues net of the cost associated with generating the lost revenues (saved and/or extra operating expenses can be additiona ...

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Lost Profits, Modern New Business Rule

and Defense Strategies Beyond Reasonable Certainty Experts estimating lost profits under the modern new business rule know that lost profit estimates in these cases are held to a higher reasonable certainty standard than calculations for lost profits in cases with established businesses. Failing to meet this higher standard may cause an expert’s calculations to be ruled as speculative. To this level of grea ...

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Overview of the But For Investment Portfolio

To Measure Trustee Breach of Fiduciary Duty Damages The but for investment portfolio is a tool that damages analysts utilize to estimate economic damages when there is an allegation of a breach of fiduciary duty with regard to the management of an investment. In its simplest form, the but for investment portfolio estimates the value of a portfolio but for the alleged breach of fiduciary duty. Case law prece ...

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Application of the Sales Projection Method

In Measuring Trustee Breach of Fiduciary Duty Damages (Part I of II) The prudent investment of trust assets can minimize the potential for trustee fiduciary litigation risk, in addition to maximizing the trust beneficiaries’ economic interest in the trust. However, trust beneficiaries may initiate a breach of fiduciary duty tort claim when they feel that the trustee has breached any investment management fi ...

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Book Review—Lost Profits Damages

Principles, Methods, and Applications Everett P. Harry, III and Jeffrey H. Kinrich assembled 45 authors, chosen for their expertise in lost profits damages, and contributed and co-edited this comprehensive lost profits damages “how to” book. The authors pay tribute to Robert L. Dunn, among others, for his vision in identifying the need for this book. The book marks an attempt by the authors to provide a sin ...

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Lost Profits versus Lost Business Value

Differences Between the Two Values Damages remedies often focus on lost profits and lost business value, with such remedies typically calculated by financial experts. There continues to be a trend in the courts to preclude experts from testifying, or to disregard them altogether because their opinion does not meet the reasonable certainty standard. Either of these outcomes can be a devastating result for th ...

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An Overview of Methods for Estimating Lost Revenues in Economic Damages

Forecasting “But-For” Revenue for Lost Profits In this article, the author provides a brief discussion of each major approach considered in an economic damages engagement and then discusses circumstances in which multivariate analysis could provide the greatest benefit in formulating a comprehensive damage model. ...

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Federal Case Law: False Claims on Federal Loan Guarantees, Inadequate Discovery, and More

Case Summaries from the U.S. Court of Federal Claims and the Appeals Courts of the Sixth and Seventh Circuits A corporation lies in applying for federal loan guarantees—and faces treble damages in United States v. Anchor Mortgage.  In Naylor v. Invacare, plaintiff’s request for information plays a key role.  Find out more. ...

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