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Lower Valuations for Private Companies?

A recent survey of investment professionals in the CFA Institute reports investor concerns about the use of different accounting standards and rules for SMEs under IFRS and private companies under GAAP.  Karolina Grabowicz, a financial analyst with Mercer Capital, reports how the use of different standards adds complexity and costs to financial reporting.  Issues also arise over the loss of information due ...

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CFA Institute Speaker: The “Value at Risk” Model is of Limited Use in Assessing Risk

One of the problems with how financial institutions assess risk is that they rely on imprecise models.  Financial News'  Shanny Basar reports that in fact, just a few days before JP Morgan announced its multi-billion dollar trading loss, James Montier,a member of the asset allocation team at fund manager GMO, gave a speech on The Flaws of Finance. In the speech, delivered on May 6 at the 65th Annual CFA Ins ...

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