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Limit on Deductions for Executive Compensation at Public Companies

The Limits Applied to Public and Private Companies The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) made important changes to Section 162(m) of the Internal Revenue Code. That section limits a publicly held corporation’s tax deduction for compensation paid to each covered employee to a maximum of $1,000,000 per year. A corporation is publicly held if it has issued securities required to be registered under Section 12 of th ...

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The Due Diligence Imperative

Healthcare Reimbursement Environment, Part II of VI In the January/February 2018 issue of The Value Examiner, the author provides readers with an overview of the U.S. healthcare reimbursement system and details the due diligence process as it relates to reimbursement. This brief article is an excerpt, which is part of the series on healthcare reimbursement, where the author provides more in-depth explanatio ...

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Three Tips to Manage Sustainability Risks and Drive Value

Having a holistic understanding of your company's financial situation and value drivers is necessary to assess the organization’s performance, risks, challenges, and opportunities and drive long-term growth.  Learn three ways finance professionals can manage environmental, social, and governance risks. To read the full article in AICPA Insights, click: Three Tips to Manage Sustainability Risks and Drive Val ...

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The CFO-CIO Relationship: Bridging the Gap

How CIOs and CFOs Can Find Common Ground In many organizations, chief information officers and CFOs are at odds, and their interactions are strained by misunderstandings.  Bryan Mueller, principal consultant at ISG, discusses ways to overcome this disconnect, and CFOs can help by promoting cost transparency, hiring the right staff, and building an effective planning process. To read the full article in CFO, ...

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Data Analysis Skills Lacking Among Finance Teams

Data Analysis Skills Lacking Among Finance Teams Better training and better hiring practices can help organizations make up for a skills gap related to data analysis.  Keeping pace with rapid changes in technology is a cause of concern amongst CFOs.  So, too, is talent management—finding good talent, keeping it, and nurturing it.  Neil Amato, CGMA Magazine senior editor, explains. To read the full article i ...

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Why are CFO Jobs Taking Longer to Fill?

Why it Takes so Long to Hire Good CFOs CFO positions are taking longer to fill as companies and job candidates get more selective.  Many companies are now looking for people who have international experience and know how to work with activist shareholders.  However, John Touey, principal at executive search firm Salveson Stetson Group, discusses that highly qualified CFOs may be less eager to take risks and ...

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Moving from CFO to CEO: A Half Brainer

Is transitioning into the CEO position all in your head?  Or are there many intricacies involved you may not have thought of?  Author David McCann for CFO Publishing, looks at Gary Burnison to share his views and his compelling narrative on the topic. To find out more on the CFO’s article, click: Moving from CFO to CEO: A Half Brainer. ...

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SEC Enrolls in Private Equity 101 —PE Manager

With Limited Resources, the SEC is Using a "Risk Analytics" Strategy to Target Areas of Concern, Explains Exec at Conference Recent examinations of newly SEC-registered private equity firms is helping regulators understand the complex world of private equity, according to delegates and speakers at PEI’s CFOs and COOs Forum 2013 in New York, writes Nicholas Donato at Private Equity Manager.  More: ...

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Accounting Convergence Process in Limbo Without U.S. Decision —WSJ CFO Journal

The accounting rulemakers said they are seeking more feedback about whether groups of companies could phase in IFRS and how investors are dealing with the two sets of accounting rules currently existing in the United States. Emily Chasen at WSJ CFO Report writes [trial subscription required] that accounting rulemakers in the U.S. and abroad are calling for collaboration even as U.S. regulators have so far r ...

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Accounting Differences Crimp Cross-Border Mergers —

Study:  More Deals Occur in Countries That Follow Similar Financial-Reporting Standards   At Kathleen Hoffelder reports that dissimilar national accounting standards and the lack of adherence to international financial reporting rules seem to be a major deterrent to companies eyeing targets beyond their borders, according to a recent academic study. Moreover, cross-border acquisitions by companies o ...

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CFOs Weigh In on Benefits of Cloud Computing —Accounting Web

Survey Shows Half of Respondents are Considering Cloud Solutions, and Three Quarters Believe Cloud Strategies Will Be Important for Their Firm's Success Within 12-18 Months Christine Camara at Accounting Web reports that a majority of top finance executives in US companies foresee Cloud computing lowering costs and helping their businesses succeed in the near future, according to a new survey - The Business ...

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