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Microsoft Office: Excel’s Versatile CONVERT Function

Q. We receive Excel-based reports from our European operations with the daily temperatures of our electrical generators and other equipment recorded in Celsius; what's the best way to convert these data to Fahrenheit in Excel? To read the full article in the Journal of Accountancy, click: Microsoft Office: Excel's Versatile CONVERT Function. ...

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How to Comply with the New AICPA Ethics Standards for M&A

The rise in firm discontinuances and sales brings with it a host of practitioner concerns regarding independence, confidentiality, and the transfer of client files.  To address these concerns and provide specific guidance, the Professional Ethics Executive Committee issued two new interpretations of the AICPA Code of Professional Conduct (the Code) and revised an existing interpretation.  April Sherman, man ...

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Six Keys to Avoiding Section 6701 Penalties

Appraisers in Violation of 6701 May Face Devastating Consequences. Learn More About Potential Penalties—and How to Stay in Compliance Joel N. Crouch and Joseph D. Brophy discuss the IRS Code’s Section 6701 and the relevant penalties that can be leveraged against violators. While IRS sources say that the number of penalties imposed is still negligible, this number has increased significantly and the trend co ...

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