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Three Good Reasons to Add Personal Injury Damages Services to Your Practice

Personal Damages Calculations and Exposure to COVID-19 Financial experts who, in the past, have been reluctant to take on personal injury economic damages as part of their practice should reconsider that decision today. Not only is the field growing and on the verge of a potentially huge boom driven by the COVID-19 crisis, there are plenty of resources to help you quickly get up to speed performing these ty ...

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Congress Upends CFPB’s Indirect Auto Lending Guidance, Spares Payday Lending Rule

On May 21, 2018, President Trump signed into law a resolution disapproving the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s (CFPB) guidance on Indirect Auto Lending and Compliance with the Equal Credit Opportunity Act.  In that Guidance, the CFPB expressed the view that certain indirect auto lenders—that is, lenders that coordinate with dealerships to provide auto loans to consumers—are subject to the Equal Credi ...

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Federal Spending Bill Includes Tax Provisions

The Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2018, H.R. 1625, which is the $1.3 trillion spending bill that Congress passed, contains a few tax-related provisions, including funding for the IRS and technical corrections to various recent pieces of tax legislation.  It also amends the centralized partnership audit regime and changes the Sec. 199A deduction for farmers who sell grain to agricultural cooperatives. To ...

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U.S. Has Until at Least September to Lift Debt Cap, Analysts Say

U.S. has Leeway on Debt Limit, Economists Say Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has called on Congress to raise the national debt limit before its August recess, but the federal government will not face a crisis if that does not happen, experts say.  The U.S. has enough borrowing power to carry it through "sometime in early September," economists at Wells Fargo said. To read the full article in Bloomberg Ma ...

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Expired Tax Provisions: No Relief In Sight?

Taxpayers and practitioners are still waiting for Congress to agree on a package extending all currently expired tax breaks.  Here's a look at the expired provisions and the actions that are pending to extend them.  Sally P. Schreiber, senior editor for Tax Insider, examines tax incentives for individuals, business, and energy-related provisions. To find out more on The Tax Adviser article, click: Expired T ...

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AICPA Protests IRS Regulation for Tax Preparers

  The American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) recently sent a letter to the IRS calling a proposed “voluntary” certification program for unenrolled tax return preparers “unlawful and improper”. In a recent ruling, Loving, No. 13-5061 (D.C. Cir. 2/11/14), it was held that the IRS does not have the statutory authority to regulate tax return preparers. In the aftermath, IRS Commissioner, John Koskinen, stated ...

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Lawmakers Put S-Corporations in Their Sights

Congressional Democrats have proposed financing student-loan legislation by expanding payroll taxes on subchapter S corporations and partnerships. The bill would levy Social Security and Medicare taxes on all business income if the firm is engaged in professional services, such as investment advice, or if 75% or more of the gross income of the firm is attributable to three or fewer shareholders. Investment ...

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Lawyers and Accountants Once Put Integrity First

Lawyers and Accountants Once Put Integrity First So asserts Mark W. Everson, commissioner of the IRS from 2003 to 2007, in an opinion piece for the Sunday NY Times: Three or four decades ago, investors and regulators could rely on these professionals to provide a check on corporate risk-taking. But over time, attorneys and auditors came to see their practices not as independent firms that strengthen the int ...

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