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A New Age of Professional Skills Education

Beyond the 40 Hours of CPE and Embracing Continuous and Mindful Learning The traditional requirement to account for 40 hours of CPE is often viewed as an annual hurdle. This mindset needs to change. This requirement is an opportunity to commit to continuous learning and improvement. In this article, the author identifies the impediments and opportunities to continuous professional and mindful development. [ ...

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88% of Firms Planning Cost Cuts in Next Two Years

Companies Plan Cost Reductions Over Economic Concerns Spurred by concerns over the global economy, 88% of respondents to a survey of senior executives at Fortune 1000 companies say they are planning to look for ways to cut costs in the next two years.  Matthew Heller explains. To read the full article in, click: 88% of Firms Planning Cost Cuts in Next Two Years. ...

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Deloitte: Hedge Funds Meet to Assess New Pressures in the Year Ahead —CFO Journal

Stakeholders Discuss Greater Institutional Investor Makeup, Governance Structures, Greater Regulatory Scrutiny Deloitte Insights contributes a piece to the CFO Journal on the Wall Street Journal site, part of a series designed to provide financial executives a customized resource to help them address the strategic, operational and regulatory issues they face in managing their finance organizations and caree ...

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New York Updates Franchise Reporting Regulations —Deloitte

New York State Department of Taxation and Finance recently adopted amendments to the combined reporting regulations applicable to general business corporations (including REITs and RICs) subject to the Franchise Tax imposed by Article 9-A of the New York Tax Law. The New York State Department of Taxation and Finance (Department) recently adopted amendments to the combined reporting regulations applicable to ...

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Deloitte: California Franchise Tax Board Revamps Rules on Small Business Stock Gain Exclusions, Deferrals

Notice implements court of appeal decision involving qualified small business stock gain exclusion/deferral Deloitte's Tax Matters newsletter (Issue 2013-02) reports that on September 10, 2012, a Tax Alert was issued summarizing the California Court of Appeal’s decision in Cutler v. Franchise Tax Board (“Cutler”) involving the exclusion or deferral of qualified small business stock gain.  More: ...

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Big Four Firms Saw Big Revenue Increase in 2012—Accounting Today

Solid revenue growth last year following strong performance in 2010 and 2011 after a severe revenue decline in 2009 Michael Cohn at Accounting Today reports this growth according to a newly published analysis.  The report, from the social networking forum, analyzed the 2012 financial performance of Deloitte, Ernst & Young, KPMG and PricewaterhouseCoopers. It found that after a strong 2011, fisc ...

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PCAOB: Asset Valuation is Most Common Big Four Audit Problem –WSJ CFO Report

The Public Company Accounting Oversight Board found 123 audit deficiencies related to fair-value estimates and asset impairments in 2010, making asset valuation the most common audit problem. Market volatility always makes it tough to value assets fairly based on market prices.  But that doesn't mean management forecasts—and the assumptions and methodologies of financial modeling used in corporate pricing—c ...

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Lawmakers Put S-Corporations in Their Sights

Congressional Democrats have proposed financing student-loan legislation by expanding payroll taxes on subchapter S corporations and partnerships. The bill would levy Social Security and Medicare taxes on all business income if the firm is engaged in professional services, such as investment advice, or if 75% or more of the gross income of the firm is attributable to three or fewer shareholders. Investment ...

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IASB Plans Network for IFRS. U.S. Seen Cautious. World is Cranky. Deadline: 2013.

The International Accounting Standards Board plans to establish a formal network to give standard-setting bodies a voice when their countries switch to International Financial Reporting Standards. There is conflict, however, over how the network will operate and whether it would dilute IFRS as a single set of reporting standards. Advocates of such a network say the U.S. will not commit to IFRS without it.   ...

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