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Looking Back to Go Forward

A Review of the Basics for Lost Profits (Part I) Those who have worked in the forensic field for many years begin to take for granted how we approach and handle certain situations. We have a level of knowledge and experience that lets us move forward without much research. But, with this level of experience and understanding comes a level of forgetfulness. Not that we forget how to perform the analysis, but ...

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Terminal Values in DCFs

And Runaway Valuations In a discounted cash flow analysis, a large portion of a firm’s value is typically attributed to the terminal value, i.e., the value beyond the projection period. Valuation presentations often show or discuss what happens to the firm’s value if the perpetuity growth rate (PGR) is changed. In this sensitivity analysis, it is common to see wild swings in valuations because the terminal ...

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The Treatment of Synergistic Value

In Dissenting Shareholder Appraisal Rights Matters (Part II of II) The Delaware Court of Chancery decisions on the treatment of synergistic value in dissenting shareholder appraisal rights cases provide meaningful guidance to valuation analysts, legal counsel, and other courts. This final part of the article continues the discussion on recent judicial decisions issued by the Delaware Court of Chancery where ...

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Estate of Gallagher Tax Court Case is a Valuation Tutorial

The Tax Court Speaks Loudly and Firmly on the Responsibilities of Business Appraisers Hempstead & Co. has published "Estate of Gallagher is a Valuation Tutorial."  The article emphasizes the importance of providing the court with a clear and convincing explanation of the assumptions and arguments you have employed in carrying out a business appraisal. It discusses the recent Tax Court Memorandum opinion ...

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An Analysis of Discount For Lack of Marketability Models and Studies

Calculating Discounts Accurately Depends a Lot on Company Specifics. Here’s What You Need to Know Dennis Bingham and KC Conrad provide a thorough look at options for calculating a discount for lack of marketability (DLOM), including restricted stock studies, pre-IPO studies, theoretical and option pricing models, discounted cash flow (DCF), Mandelbaum factors, and more. ...

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Why Capital Structure Matters: Cost of Capital, Debt/Equity Balance are Key to Successful Appraisal. —TimesFreePress

Relative Levels of Equity and Debt Affect Risk and Cash Flow.   This Has Substantial Impact on Amount Investors Will Pay.     Matt Stelzman notes in the Chattanooga News TimesFreePress that the question that often arises in connection with a business valuation is whether the valuator should use the company's actual capital structure or its anticipated future capital structure. A valuator might also use a pr ...

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Valuing David Einhorn’s Portfolio—The Discounted Cash Flow Model —NASDAQ Community Site

GuruFocus Adds New Valuation Tab to Site; New Feature Automatically Calculates DCF Valuation.  What are Top 10 The Nasdaq Community site notes the appearance of a new Valuation tab at its GuruFocus web site.  Learn about how DCF analysis works, why it's considered a reliable method of analysis, and view some top current stock picks of an investor who uses the method:    ...

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4 Ways to Value a Startup –Investopedia

Investopedia weighs in on the pros and cons of varying approaches: Business valuation is never straightforward - for any company. For startups with little or no revenue or profits and less-than-certain futures, the job of assigning a valuation is particularly tricky. For mature, publicly listed businesses with steady revenues and earnings, normally it's a matter of valuing them as a multiple of their earnin ...

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Tips for Valuators & Stub Years

More Feedback: Editor: I read the May 2011 QuickRead – “Tips for Valuators” concerning stub years. I have run into this issue several times and I have seen it misapplied many times and I am glad you wrote about the topic. I noticed two points in the article that I believe need further clarification. The first thing that I noticed in the article is that the PV factors need to be modified as well if you are d ...

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