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Employee and Executive Compensation and Benefits

Popular Plans to Incentivize and Retain Talent Employees and executives can get added compensation in addition to their salaries. In some cases, these benefits could exceed the salary. Most of these benefits are contractual and, where there is a discretionary element, it is usually awarded by the board of directors. This article provides a round up listing of the more popular benefits. Not included are stan ...

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Rebuttal: Another Point of View Regarding the Role of the Valuation Analyst

In the Formation of an ESOP Mr. Robert Reilly, in a two-part January 2020 QuickRead article, as published by NACVA, provides a detailed and learned discussion regarding the role a valuation analyst might play in the early stages of the formation of an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). This paper is not intended to be, in any way, a critique of Mr. Reilly’s presentation, but rather an appendix highlighti ...

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Using ESOPS in Succession Planning

A Case Study An ESOP is one of many options available to business owners considering succession-planning options. There are substantial advantages, but there are also regulatory and cost considerations. A feasibility study may suggest whether the ESOP is an appropriate option. In this article, authors Kelly Finnell and Andrew Holmes share their views on when an ESOP is feasible using a case study. ...

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