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Unimpeachably Unauthoritative Authority

Citation Omitted What makes the world of expert witness services so daunting at times is the fact that so much goes unsaid, untaught, or undefined. For example, the most recent international glossary used by valuation and appraisal professionals across the globe does not define what a conclusion or opinion is. Since saying the silent part out loud seems to be the popular thing to do, this tenth article of t ...

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Every Picture Tells a Story1

Use of photography in forensic and valuation engagements The purpose of this article is to provide the CPA/expert a brief introduction to the use of photography in a valuation or forensic engagement. It is not intended to be an all-inclusive training manual in forensic photography. Criminal forensic photographic procedures may, due to the differences between civil and criminal law, be materially different. ...

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A Foolproof Approach To Writing Complex Excel Formulas —Search Engine Land

Annie Cushing is on a Mission to Rid the World of Ugly Data.  Learn About Data Collection, Analytics, Technical SEO, Analysis, and Beautification.   Annie Cushing,  a Senior SEO at SEER Interactive, a Philadelphia-based online marketing agency, explains that "There comes a time in a marketer’s life when making pretty charts with a predefined dataset just doesn’t cut it. "And finding the sum and average of a ...

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What a Matrimonial Attorney Needs From a Financial Expert

How to Maintain Independence and Professionalism in a Complex and Changing Niche As divorce laws change, attorneys increasingly rely on financial experts such as business appraisers and forensic accountants.  In this article, Robert D. Feder discusses the role of a financial analyst in the context of matrimonial law.  He also covers some of the potential pitfalls of the trade. ...

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