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Could Missing Non-GAAP Adjustments Adversely Affect Your Concluded Value?

Why it Matters This article examines the major nonconformance issues the average valuator may face, where to find the information necessary to investigate, and how to make the adjustments to conform with GAAP. The adjustments discussed are not exhaustive but do cover the more common adjustments valuators should consider. While a valuation is not an audit, the valuation analyst must recognize material deviat ...

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Selected Accounting Standards Update

Evolving Accounting Standards for CPAs Wiley author, Joanne Flood, reviews three 2015 Accounting Standards Updates (ASUs). Those reviewed are ASU 2015-01, Income Statement—Extraordinary and Unusual Items (Subtopic 225-20): Simplifying Income Statement Presentation by Eliminating the Concept of Extraordinary Items,; ASU 2015-02, Amendments to the Consolidation Analysis; and ASU 2015-03, Simplifying the Prese ...

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