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Elder Fraud

Risks in a Post Pandemic Environment The pandemic placed many individuals into an environment where they had to rely on technology to conduct daily life and the financial transactions associated with it. This was a major change; especially for a generation that was accustomed to handling their banking and financial transactions face to face. Forcing a generation to begin to conduct banking and purchasing on ...

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5 Low- Or No-Cost Ways for CPAs To Help Slam the Door on Cybercriminals

With the news media announcing hacks, breaches, or phishing scams virtually every week, cybersecurity has become a major concern for businesses of all sizes.  To recognize National Cybersecurity Month, the AICPA is publishing a series of blog posts on the issue.  In this first post, Susan Pierce has some tips to help CPAs understand five low- or no-cost ways to defend against cybercrime. To read the full ar ...

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How to Commit a $200 Million Scam: Inside the Year’s Most Shocking Credit Card Fraud —Daily Beast

The FBI Says it Busted an 18-Person Ring that Spanned 8 Countries and 28 States.  Make Up. Pump Up. Run Up. Daniel Gross at The Daily Beast explains:  It’s not the latest exercise fad. Rather, according to the Justice Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, it’s the three-step process through which an 18-person ring allegedly committed a stunning $200 million credit-card fraud.   Here're the bas ...

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SEC Ramps Up—New Enforcement Tools Include Cluster Analysis, Fuzzy Matching. Plus—Open Channels to DOJ, FBI.

"With New Firepower, S.E.C. Tracks Bigger Game,"  Ben Protess and Azam Ahmed  report at the New York Times Dealbook. Embarrassed after missing the warning signs of the financial crisis and the Ponzi scheme of Bernard L. Madoff, the agency’s enforcement division has adopted several new — if somewhat unconventional — strategies to restore its credibility. The S.E.C. is taking its cue from criminal authorities ...

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