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What Changes to the Lease Accounting Standards Means

For Business Valuations Accounting Standards Codification (ASC) Topic 842: Leases is the lease accounting standard published by the Financial Accounting Standards Board, which replaces prior guidance from ASC Topic 840. ASC 842 brings previously off-balance sheet operating leases onto a company’s balance sheet. The new standard takes effect for private companies in fiscal years starting after December 15, 2 ...

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Ten Things Valuation Specialists Should Know about Fair Value Measurements and Private Companies

Private companies are subject to several frameworks for financial reporting purposes. In this article, Mark Zyla explains the role of the Private Company Council (PCC) and provides a summary of several recommendations the PCC has made to the FASB regarding accounting for goodwill and business combinations. ...

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FASB Clarifies Nonpublic Disclosure Exemption —Journal of Accountancy

Private Companies and Nonpublic Not-for-Profits are Exempted from a Particular Fair Value Disclosure as a Result of Recent FASB Amendment The Financial Accounting Standards Board responded quickly to concerns voiced in December to issue an amendment clarifying that private companies and nonpublic not-for-profits are exempted from a particular fair value disclosure.  Ken Tysiac at The Journal of Accountancy ...

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The McLean Group: New Guidance on When to Use a Recent Round of Financing to Estimate Fair Value

Consider Three Types of Private Preferred Stock Transactions, Each with Varying Degrees of Relevance to an Indication of Fair Value: Simple, Strategic, and Tranched Preferred Financing Last year, the AICPA issued guidance on evaluating private transactions with regards to their relevance in estimating the Fair Value of other securities within an enterprise via the back-solve method. The McLean Valuation Ser ...

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FAF Review Team On FASB Statement 131 Segment Reporting —MarketWatch

Some Stakeholders Suggest Improvements to Segment Reporting Information  A 1996 accounting standard established to improve the way public companies report financial information about their business segments generally achieves that purpose, although some stakeholders suggest improvements. That was the overall conclusion of the post-implementation review (PIR) of Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) St ...

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IFRS for U.S. Issuers—Grant Thornton

Implications of the SEC IFRS Work Plan for Private and Public Issuers; How Slow Adoption May Rewrite GAAP   Grant Thornton Audit Services has published a 16-page report providing background and context on IFRS in the United States.   The report explores how market forces press the issue, cover SEC final report highlights and reaction to the report, summarizes how some companies are preparing for IFRS today, ...

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U.S. Private Companies Get Separate Accounting Board –WSJ

New private company council includes FASB, but in reduced role, The Journal of Accountancy explains.  "This announcement is excellent news for small businesses that have been concerned about the future of US GAAP particularly in relation to an international move toward IFRS," adds Editor Gail Perry at AccountingWeb.  Emily Chasan at the Wall Street Journal reports: The Financial Accounting Foundation’s Boar ...

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