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Essential Guide to Gift Tax and Estate Planning

Consider the SLAT and GRAT in Gift Planning Understanding gift tax regulations is crucial for individuals and their advisors because it impacts estate planning strategies and can significantly affect the overall tax liability. Properly utilizing exemptions and understanding the rules surrounding gift taxation can help individuals minimize their tax burden and ensure a smooth transfer of assets to their inte ...

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Proposed Rules Govern Taxation of Gifts and Bequests from Covered Expatriates

The IRS issues long-awaited rules on taxation of gifts and bequests from covered expatriates.  Sally P. Schreiber, Journal of Accountancy senior editor, discusses the recently proposed regulations and what’s to be expected. To find out more on the AICPA’s article, click: Proposed rules govern taxation of gifts and bequests from covered expatriates. ...

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Avoiding Last-Minute Errors — Before the Last Minute! — Wall Street Journal Tax Blog

The Wall Street Journal Recounts What the IRS Advises:  Moves to Make as April Grows Near April deadlines may not be that far way,  but some Americans still haven’t even rounded up their W2s, the Wall Street Journal noted in a (just-before-deadline) filing last year.   Acknowledging the tax procrastination is a national pastime, the Internal Revenue Service issued some tips and a series of videos to help la ...

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Appraisers are Gatekeepers to Gift Tax Deadline —Reuters

Today Individual Federal Gift Law Exemption is $5.12M.  In Months it May Drop to $1M.  Result: Surging Demand for Appraisals.    Lou Carlozo at Reuters reports that faced with the possibility of the lifetime gift tax exemption dropping precipitously next year and the estate tax rate rising, wealthy individuals are rushing to transfer their assets to family members. More: ...

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In an Unusual Tax Year, the Wealthy Turn to Partnerships —NY Times

Wealth Managers: Proceed with Caution When Setting Up an FLP Once an esoteric way for families to centralize management of assets, the Family Limited Partnership (FLP) is becoming extremely popular this year, writes the New York Times.  Why?  Because of the scheduled expiration of the $5.12 million gift tax exemption at the end of this year.   Still, setting up an FLP doesn’t make sense for all companies.  ...

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