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Extracting Value from M&A Disputes

  At the close of August 2014, $1.1 trillion passed through American hands in M&A deals, while the global tally was $2.4 trillion. Those totals mark the highest year-to-date volume since 2007. While that’s great for the industry, not all these deals ended happily. When anticipated value doesn’t materialize after the deal is done, disputes can arise, usually involving future payouts related to perfo ...

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Grant Thornton Survey: Regulation Overwhelming Auditors

In a recent Grant Thornton survey, more than two thirds (69 percent) of internal audit professionals say they’d love to focus on strategic risks, but regulatory compliance duties and the rising costs they incur are getting in the way. An additional 36 percent said these obstacles prevent resources from being allocated to higher-value priorities. Since almost the beginning of the recent financial global cris ...

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How Should Valuators Retire Asset Obligations in Lease Agreements?—Grant Thornton

More Detail on Obligations Included in Minimum Lease Payments Required Under ASC 840  Grant Thornton's On the Horizon web publication  explains that leasing agreements vary in their specific accounting requirements when it comes to assessing — and retiring the value of  — leases.    Here's more:  ...

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Current Practice Issue: Applying the Equity Method —Grant Thornton

 On the Horizon Offers Two Examples of Appropriate Ways to Apply FASB Guidance.  Plus: New Guidance on Reporting Discontinued Operations and Not-for-Profit Entities Grant Thornton recently published a useful article on applying the equity method in its On the Horizon web-based publication, which also notes that the Fair Accounting Standards Board (FASB) has suggested new guidelines for reporting discontinue ...

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Rethinking The “Right-of-Use” Asset—Grant Thornton

The FASB and IASB Don't Seem to Be Open to Reconsidering Basic Assumptions Behind the "Right-of-Use" Asset.  Here's Why They Should.  The attempt to find a single lease accounting model based on recognition of a right-of-use asset has faltered, assert two professionals in Grant Thornton LLP’s National Professional Standards Group.  In a new white paper, they suggest a control-based model as an alternative: ...

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IFRS for U.S. Issuers—Grant Thornton

Implications of the SEC IFRS Work Plan for Private and Public Issuers; How Slow Adoption May Rewrite GAAP   Grant Thornton Audit Services has published a 16-page report providing background and context on IFRS in the United States.   The report explores how market forces press the issue, cover SEC final report highlights and reaction to the report, summarizes how some companies are preparing for IFRS today, ...

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