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Cyber Threats

Understand the Cyber Security Threat Landscape and Threats to the Accounting Industry Do you feel like your firm’s data is safe? Do you feel like your client’s sensitive information is secure? Do you sleep each night feeling secure that you will not be hit by a data breach? If you answered yes to all three of those questions, it is time to wake up to the real risks you are faced with. You need to make sure ...

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Forensics Trends for 2013 —Government Info Security

External Attacks, Data Loss are Top Concerns Jeffrey Roman at Government Industry Security interviews Forensics expert Rob Lee  who says its not new types of attacks that concern him. It's the old ones that continue to impact organizations. How can organizations learn from past incidents and respond in 2013? The bulk of the cases he investigates are external breaches, not insider cases, says Lee, a seasoned ...

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Small Businesses Face Property Insurance Hike

Organizations with a Market Capitalization of Less than $300 Million may be Paying Higher Insurance Premiums Catastrophic risk is of increased concern to insurers, and small businesses without losses will likely face increased premiums of 10-20 percent on renewal next year. Why? Wildfires, cyber-crime, cloud computing risk, and workers compensation rates are some reasons insurers cite. ...

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