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StraightTalk Webinar Series–April 29, 2021

Healthcare Valuation 2021 Update The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted nearly all businesses and is poised to continue to do so through at least the end of 2021. In healthcare, there has been additional issues due to the industry’s unique position at the crossroads of the front line of care and policy response. As of January 19, 2021, important updates have gone into effect concerning the two most significant ...

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A Comprehensive Approach

to Valuation of a Healthcare Practice or Entity A valuation consultant must understand the type of healthcare entity he or she is valuing, the opportunities and risks as discussed above, the potential buyers, the marketplace, and typical valuation multiples for specific types of deals. Extensive research into these areas will lead to a significantly better and more informed valuation. The author discusses t ...

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Hospital Valuations–Market Approach

Beware of the Limitations of Hospital Transaction Databases The market approach is one of three established valuation approaches. In this approach the valuation analyst will look for comparable companies. In this article the authors caution against the outright use of databases as a means of developing a Conclusion of Value for a hospital. Independent verification is time-consuming and essential. The author ...

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Regulatory Tripwires and the FMV Implications of Health Systems Losing Money on Employed Physicians

Valuators Take Note Fair market value is key to compliance with both the Stark Law and the Anti-Kickback Statue. Solid, well-reasoned valuations can be essential in establishing compliant arrangements, and these must consider practice losses as applicable. In this article, Lynn Gordon, Esq., states that it is “prudent to have a valuation in place that supports compensation as fair market value,” especially ...

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Healthcare Reimbursement Models to Change, Affecting Valuation

  Reimbursements from insurers, made to healthcare facilities for the care they administer, are an essential part of the valuation of hospitals, clinics, outpatient care centers and other facilities. As if that exchange wasn’t complicated enough, it’s about to go through another transition that very well may impact the valuation of all healthcare institutions. According to a new white paper released by ...

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Six Ways Physicians Can Improve Their Public Speaking — Physicians Practice

Tips Medical Professionals Can Use to Face the Public with Confidence Sue Jacques at Physicians Practice reports:  Being a skilled medical professional doesn't necessarily mean that you're comfortable speaking in public, especially when it comes to talking to a group of peers. If the mere thought of addressing even a small audience causes your knees to knock, you're not alone. This universal anxiety is prov ...

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