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How to Coach a Problem Employee: The Know-it-All

Help arrogant employees learn to listen. Self-confidence is a valuable trait in the workplace, but, in some employees, self-confidence manifests itself as arrogance. If employees act as if they know better than anyone else, shooting down others' ideas, or stealing the spotlight at meetings, morale can suffer. To read the full article in the Journal of Accountancy, click: How to Coach a Problem Employee: The ...

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Four Ways to Generate Ideas Fast

Creativity is a very 21st century virtue.  Relying on your skills as a technician does not seem like a very good idea in the nascent age of AI, regardless of your field.  But being able to generate innovative and imaginative ideas can mark you out as a star, a shining goose laying golden eggs. To read the full article in Management Today, click: Four Ways to Generate Ideas Fast. ...

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If Your Team Agrees on Everything, Working Together is Pointless

Too often, effective collaboration is taken to mean that everyone quickly agrees and is happy with a collective decision, but this idea overlooks the truly creative tension that comes from differing viewpoints.  In this article, Liane Davey, co-founder of 3COze Inc., describes exercises to help overcome your team's fear of constructive conflict. To read the full article in Harvard Business Review, click: If ...

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