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One Quarter of All Public M&A Deals Involve Insider Trading

  As if the general public hadn’t lost enough faith in the stock market with recent revelations of rigged deal-making that benefits only a few, a new study shows that 25 percent of all M&A deals between public companies involve some kind of insider trading. The study, conducted by McGill University and New York University, looked at informed trading activity in equity options prior to the announcem ...

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SEC Ramps Up—New Enforcement Tools Include Cluster Analysis, Fuzzy Matching. Plus—Open Channels to DOJ, FBI.

"With New Firepower, S.E.C. Tracks Bigger Game,"  Ben Protess and Azam Ahmed  report at the New York Times Dealbook. Embarrassed after missing the warning signs of the financial crisis and the Ponzi scheme of Bernard L. Madoff, the agency’s enforcement division has adopted several new — if somewhat unconventional — strategies to restore its credibility. The S.E.C. is taking its cue from criminal authorities ...

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