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The Asset-Based Valuation Approach

The Adjusted Net Asset Value Method This discussion is the fifth part in a series regarding the asset-based business valuation approach. Previous discussions described the theory and application of the Asset-based Approach. And, previous discussions described the theory and application of the asset accumulation (AA) method. This discussion describes the theory and application of the adjusted net asset value ...

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FASB Proposals Simplify Intangible Assets

Recently, the FASB issued exposure drafts of Accounting Standards Updates (ASUs) which propose reductions in the cost and complexity of accounting for intangible assets acquired by private companies, as well as subsequent testing for goodwill impairment.  The proposed changes in the drafts involve alterations to Accounting Standards Codification (ASC) Topic 85, Business Combinations, and Topic 350, Intanbig ...

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The McLean Group: New Guidance on When to Use a Recent Round of Financing to Estimate Fair Value

Consider Three Types of Private Preferred Stock Transactions, Each with Varying Degrees of Relevance to an Indication of Fair Value: Simple, Strategic, and Tranched Preferred Financing Last year, the AICPA issued guidance on evaluating private transactions with regards to their relevance in estimating the Fair Value of other securities within an enterprise via the back-solve method. The McLean Valuation Ser ...

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The Relevance of Royalty Rates in the Valuation of Intangibles

The FASB Lists 29 Different Intangible Asset Categories. Here’s What You Need to Know. Intangible assets have comprised an increasing proportion of the value of assets of most companies in the last decade, Gregory Marsh explains. Often a collection of intangible assets is accounted for as a single asset labeled “goodwill.” Here’s why that sometimes doesn’t make sense. ...

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