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Where’s The Money?

Unreported Income Can Be Detected By Direct and Indirect Methods; Indirect Methods Examine Cash Inflows and Outflows. Here’s How. Joe Epps, CPA/CFF/ABV, CFE, CVA, explains how a forensic accountant goes about searching for unreported income—a commonly required practice in divorce and bankruptcy cases, contract disputes, and fraud investigations.  The direct method is simply reviewing financial statements fo ...

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Key Points to Cover in Corporate Financial Status Reviews

The Impact of Fraud and Abuse Can Far Exceed the Value of Stolen Money—Civil Penalties Are Often Exorbitant Clients often look to their attorneys as trusted advisors on the issue of prevention of corporate fraud, waste, and abuse. In this article, Joe Epps identifies the impact occupational fraud and abuse has on a company; present governmental oversight issues associated with fraud and abuse; and several c ...

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Financial Forensics in Arson Cases

Net Cash Flow is Often the Most Significant Single Factor in a Financial Condition Analysis A financial expert in an arson case answers four questions: What changes occurred in financial condition prior to the date of the fire? What was the financial condition at the date of the fire? What was the future financial picture if there had not been a fire? Was there a potential financial benefit from the fire?  ...

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Fraud Triage: First Steps When Fraud Is Discovered

A Solid Checklist to Help Businesses Deal with the Immediate Hours after Discovery of Fraud The discovery of fraud within a company can be extremely unnerving and can introduce a certain amount of panic in business owners and accounting professionals. Here’s a checklist of things you should be sure to do—from contacting law enforcement and insurers to preserving evidence and communicating with employees. ...

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A Closer Look at Control Premiums

There Are All Kinds of Different Standards to Consider In Sophisticated Valuations. Here are Some Tips. Control premiums are difficult to calculate.  Why?  Because there are so many variables. You may need to adjust earnings to reflect a control value (i.e., restating owner’s compensation and adjusting discretionary expenses). But wait: There’s more!  There are minority earnings. And a variety of people to ...

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Experts and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Arbitration Panels Don’t Know Everything a Financial Expert Does. But That Doesn’t Mean You Should Even Consider Talking Down to Them. Arbitration is somewhat similar to a bench trial, but experts need to present opinions somewhat differently than if they were testifying in a jury trial—and this is particularly true with experts testifying on financial issues such as economic damages.  Joe Epps explains why ...

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