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The Role of the Financial Forensic Expert in Dispute Resolution

Changes in the Methods of Dispute Resolution In this article, Steven I. Platt, a retired Maryland Circuit Court judge, founder of The Platt Group, Inc., and QuickRead’s newest editorial board member, shares with readers the changes he sees affecting civil court proceedings, rise of alternative dispute resolutions, and opportunities that are becoming available to credentialed business valuation and financial ...

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Engagement Letter Stories—When They Hurt and When They Worked

As a risk management professional at CNA, professional liability insurance carrier for nearly 25,000 CPA firms, I am often asked if engagement letters are worth all the effort.  The answer, based on my personal and CNA’s claim experience, is a resounding YES!  I’ve experienced firsthand the value these letters bring to the table. To read the full article in AICPA, click: Engagement Letter Stories—When They ...

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Evidence of Actual Monetary Loss is Required

When Calculating the Exemplary Damages Cap In a recent Texas Court of Appeals case, the jury awarded plaintiff $15,000,000 in exemplary damages; the Court reduced this amount citing section 41.008(b)(1) of the Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code, which caps exemplary damages at two times the amount of "economic damages," plus up to $750,000 in non-economic damages.  The question on appeal was whether t ...

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The Third Leg of Expert Witness Preparation

Good communication skills are essential for the expert Witness Expert witnesses and litigation support professionals generally do not consider the importance of communication skill training and practice as part of their preparation process. Communication is the third leg of expert witness preparation and separates the average witness from the great witness. ...

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Preparing for Trial: Guidelines to Ensure Your Expert Testimony is Top Notch

Great Testimony Doesn’t Proceed From Charisma Alone. It’s Mostly about Preparation. Here’s Why. Joe Epps, CPA/CFF/ABV, CFE, CVA, explains that great expert testimony proceeds from extensive preparation of testimony outlines and demonstration exhibits to a thorough review of relevant documents, including expert reports, deposition transcripts, and a full reading of other parties’ testimony. ...

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