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What will the Labor Force of the Future Look Like?

Automation anxieties concerning the impact of technology on the labor force go back to the Industrial Revolution.  More recent technological advancements have helped to decrease the separation between work and home life.  However, it seems unlikely technology will lead to widespread unemployment.  Irving Wladawsky-Berger, contributor to CIO Journal, discusses the angst driven by continual automation improve ...

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Time to Start Valuing Human Capital as an Asset on the Balance Sheet

Infosys, the Indian IT Services Giant, Has Assigned a Value to Its Entire Workforce Since 2008. Here’s Why European and American Companies Don’t Yet Formally Value Employees—and Why They Should! Recognizing the value of employees in company accounts makes a compelling business case and reflects the realities of 21st century business, argues Leon Kaye in the Guardian. ...

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Innovation, Technology Can Help Physicians Stay Independent —Physicians Foundation

Alternatives to Hospital Employment Include Solo 'Micropractices,' Patient-Centered Medical Homes, and Direct-to-Pay Practices Andy Robeznieks at Modern Physician reports that medical practice innovation—including the use of technology to increase efficiency and reduce overhead—is what "holds the key to private practice being a viable alternative to salaried employment," according to a new report from the P ...

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