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And S Corporation Acquisitions Analysts should be aware that one transaction tax structure that is particularly popular regarding private equity firm acquisitions is an Internal Revenue Code Section 368(a)(1)(F) reorganization of the private S corporation. The article discusses several of the reasons why owners may want to sell—and why private equity firms may want to buy—an S corporation target company. Th ...

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Fairness Opinions and Down Markets

Does anyone know what the future holds for markets?  Perhaps fairness options can help financial advisors seek the answers they are looking for.  Jeff K. Davis, Managing Director of Mercer Capital’s Financial Institutions Group, explores this option and some issues to consider when deciding if it should be used in a falling market.   To read more about the results of this report in the Mercer Capital's ...

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Yes, Virginia, the Cost of Capital Really is Low

Calculating a prospective return takes into account many factors.  Travis W. Harms, Mercer Capital’s Financial Reporting Valuation Group, discusses what impact a “hefty” purchase price could mean for returns. To read more about the results of this report in the Mercer Capital's Financial Reporting Blog, click: Yes, Virginia, the Cost of Capital Really is Low. This article is republished from Mercer Capital' ...

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Case Update—Is the Discounted Cash Flow Model Subject to Manipulation?

In re Bachrach: the U.S. Bankruptcy Court comments on the discounted cash flow and experts’ reports The discounted cash flow analysis (DCF) has been a standard valuation and damages method for many years. However, a U.S. Bankruptcy Court recently suggested that the “striking” disparity between experts’ conclusions in a case before the court “lends credibility to the concept that the discounted cash flow met ...

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The Impact of Value on M&A Activity

The “Market” is Not Always Right When it Comes to Value, Especially in M&A Transactions The mergers and acquisitions market began a slow recovery this last year after a sharp downturn in 2009. Was the slowdown caused by banks reducing lending activity, cash hoarding by businesses, economic uncertainty, or the simple failure of buyers and seller to agree upon price? Michael Blake takes a look at how valu ...

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Private Equity LBOs Up–And Funded With Less than 30% Equity –Mergers & Acquisitions

PE firms have recently begun to negotiate smaller equity contributions as borrowings increase, reports Matthew Sheahan at Mergers & Acquisitions.   LBO activity came to a screeching halt last summer; there were $19.7 billion issued via 34 deals to back buyouts for all of 2011, but so far this year, nine high-yield bond deals totaling $8.3 billion have been issued to back LBOs. Banks and other creditors ...

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