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5 Things to Consider Under the New Lease Accounting Standards

How to Prepare for the Lease Accounting Standard The new lease accounting standard could have a significant impact on companies' balance sheets after it takes effect.  Chris Hatten, CPA, and Nicole Riley, CPA, with PKF Texas discuss five things companies can do to prepare. To read the full article in the Houston Business Journal, click: 5 Things to Consider Under the New Lease Accounting Standards. ...

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How Should Valuators Retire Asset Obligations in Lease Agreements?—Grant Thornton

More Detail on Obligations Included in Minimum Lease Payments Required Under ASC 840  Grant Thornton's On the Horizon web publication  explains that leasing agreements vary in their specific accounting requirements when it comes to assessing — and retiring the value of  — leases.    Here's more:  ...

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Lease Accounting Breakthrough Could Come in June –CFO Report

Emily Chasan is on the spot with the latest news:   U.S. and international accounting rule makers finally may be ready next month to resolve a debate over corporate lease accounting, that would bring $2 trillion worth of lease obligations onto corporate balance sheets. Members of the U.S. Financial Accounting Standards Board and the International Accounting Standards Board said Thursday they were ready to v ...

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