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Best Practices for Bankruptcy-Related Property Appraisals

Part II of IV This article is part two (read Part I here) of a four-part series related to the bankruptcy-related appraisal of industrial and commercial company real estate and real property, tangible personal property, and intangible personal property. Part one of the series considered all of the reasons why a valuation specialist in any appraisal discipline (herein called an “appraiser”) may be retained t ...

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What Changes to the Lease Accounting Standards Means

For Business Valuations Accounting Standards Codification (ASC) Topic 842: Leases is the lease accounting standard published by the Financial Accounting Standards Board, which replaces prior guidance from ASC Topic 840. ASC 842 brings previously off-balance sheet operating leases onto a company’s balance sheet. The new standard takes effect for private companies in fiscal years starting after December 15, 2 ...

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The Land Estate

Valuation Issues for Wind and Mineral Surface Development Rights As wind energy has emerged as a leading source of energy, several issues have arisen with respect to the rights of parties holding surface and mineral rights. There are important legal issues that need to be explored to assess whether to develop a wind energy farm. This article provides a historical and brief legal overview of the issues. By t ...

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Lease Accounting Standards: Are Multinationals Sitting on a “Leaseberg” of Huge Proportions?

New lease accounting standards come into force at the start of next year which will fundamentally change how companies can report off-balance sheet financing.  How will the new rules affect finance leaders? To read the full article in Accountancy Age, click: Lease Accounting Standards: Are Multinationals Sitting on a “Leaseberg” of Huge Proportions? ...

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Case Law: Valuation Experts Play Key Roles in Cases in Texas, Arizona

Top State Courts Consider the Value of Goodwill, the Legitimacy of the Income Method of Valuation In State of Texas v. Clear Channel Outdoor, the Texas Court of Appeals considers testimony from an expert regarding the income method of valuation for the billboards; in Walsh v. Walsh, the Court of Appeals of Arizona reassesses the realizable benefits of stock redemption value in a law firm, and determines the ...

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