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A Federal Appeals Court is Scheduled to Hear Arguments Today Over When Software is Patentable —Wall Street Journal, Seeking Alpha

"It's a Huge Case for the Patent-Law Community." On One Side: Google, Facebook, Intuit.  On the Other? IBM. "Because the patents are often unclear, there's no way to know whether an infringement claim by a competitor or a troll is legitimate until you've spent $8 million in litigation fees," said Mr. Schruers Ashby Jones in the Wall Street Journal  reports this morning that a federal appeals court in Washin ...

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The Impact of Value on M&A Activity

The “Market” is Not Always Right When it Comes to Value, Especially in M&A Transactions The mergers and acquisitions market began a slow recovery this last year after a sharp downturn in 2009. Was the slowdown caused by banks reducing lending activity, cash hoarding by businesses, economic uncertainty, or the simple failure of buyers and seller to agree upon price? Michael Blake takes a look at how valu ...

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Digging the Hole Deeper

What Happens When a Business is In Over Its Head and Who is to Blame? When firms approach bankruptcy, a definition of what constitutes “deepening insolvency” becomes critical in establishing the legitimacy of litigation concerning damages, breach of fiduciary duty, and more. Michael J. Molder explains context, consequences, and case law on the matter. ...

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12 Fatal Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Business

Why Choosing Good Counsel to Help with Exit Planning Can Be the Most Important Decision a Business Owner Makes Venture Resources believes many business owners don’t fully appreciate the complexities and factors that are present in the deal structuring and business selling process, including understanding how to project the company’s future, applying alternate deal structures, and maximizing current business ...

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