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Memo to Managers: Practice What You Preach

Strong management goes beyond ethical behavior, efficiency, and carrying out company strategy—even though each of those is important. Managers are a key reason that employees show up to work engaged or not. Managers can live their values, set clear expectations on schedules, engage in two-way communication, and more. To read the full article in Journal of Accountancy, click: Memo to Managers: Practice What ...

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Five Steps to Reduce Staff Turnover

Employee retention and engagement is a big expense. Dick Finnegan tackles one of the biggest challenges of staff turnover head on. “One might wonder why a CFO should care about employee engagement and retention,” said Finnegan, CEO of C-Suite Analytics. “And the answer is, it’s probably their biggest expense.” To read the full article in Financial Management, click: Five Steps to Reduce Staff Turnover. ...

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What Can be Done About Bullies at Work?

Ted, a senior VP at a large media company, was famous for publicly deriding and humiliating others.  Working for him was like walking on eggshells, as he could fly into a rage over the most trivial matters.  He would also impose deadlines designed to set his staff up for failure.  To top off his bullying behavior, he expected his staff to work 24/7, leading many to complain about stress-related problems.  T ...

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How to Listen Like a Pro

The Benefits of Active Listening Practicing active listening can be difficult in the distraction-filled business world, but it's critical for engaging employees and letting them know you value their ideas and opinions.  Managers should still ask for input and feedback from their direct reports even if they aren't sure they will be able to fix the issues that are raised.  Samantha White, CGMA Magazine senior ...

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Tips on Finding Board Members for Family Businesses

Choosing Board Members for a Family Business Can be a Delicate Process, but with Proper Due Diligence, a Perfect Fit Can be Achieved. Mario Vicari and Tyler Ridgeway cover some of the key points in choosing board members for a family business, covering topics from how a board should be structured, how board members should be qualified and compensated, and what work should be expected from them. ...

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Innovation, Technology Can Help Physicians Stay Independent —Physicians Foundation

Alternatives to Hospital Employment Include Solo 'Micropractices,' Patient-Centered Medical Homes, and Direct-to-Pay Practices Andy Robeznieks at Modern Physician reports that medical practice innovation—including the use of technology to increase efficiency and reduce overhead—is what "holds the key to private practice being a viable alternative to salaried employment," according to a new report from the P ...

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