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Investors Trust Auditors, But Confidence in U.S. Markets Drops

Public company auditors remain the group investors trust most to protect their interests, but investors’ confidence in U.S. capital markets and U.S. public companies has dropped in the past year, according to a Center for Audit Quality (CAQ) survey report released Tuesday. To read the full article in the Journal of Accountancy, click: Investors Trust Auditors, But Confidence in U.S. Markets Drops. ...

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Use LinkedIn

To Market When You’re Busy Marketing requires a continuous effort and presence. In this article, the author shares a marketing alternative that appraisal practitioners should pursue when they are unable to network in person. ...

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Market Trends: 3Q17 Update

The first three quarters of 2017 were active for U.S. markets.  Major indices were characterized by low volatility and upward momentum against a backdrop of tightening monetary policy and strong economic indicators.  Private equity saw steady deal flow despite challenging market conditions, and record levels of venture capital deployment were seen amidst declining deal volume as capital continued to gravita ...

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How to Help Your Company Adopt New Technology

Analyze the Data to Find the Right Technology Companies should not necessarily be early adopters of new technology, but they should be "fast changers" that adapt quickly based on the data available to them.  Rather than shying away from new and innovative solutions, analyze the value they may be able to provide.  John Brandon, contributing editor for, shares some insightful tips. To read the full ar ...

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Market Participant Perspectives

Mercer Capital started writing weekly about fair value reporting in 2013.  Looking back over more than three years and 150 posts, it seemed an opportune time for them to review their posts and compile what might, for lack of a better term, be called a “Greatest Hits” collection of their favorites.  Travis Harms, lead of Mercer Capital’s Financial Reporting Valuation Group, introduces you to their new book e ...

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4 Reasons Clients Need You Now

There are many reasons why clients need solid financial advice in these turbulent times.  This article lays out four of them, starting with the observation that nobody—or almost nobody—can time the markets.  Bob Clark, Editor-at-Large for Investment Advisor Magazine, explains the importance of speaking to the client’s understanding and the importance of a financial advisor’s role.   To find out more on ...

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