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Update on 2022 Healthcare Payment Rules

Center for Medicare & Medicaid Publishes Proposed and Final Rules on Medical Reimbursement Rates The U.S. government is the largest payor of medical costs, through Medicare and Medicaid, and consequently has a strong influence on physician reimbursement. The prevalence of these public payors in the healthcare marketplace often results in their acting as a price setter and being used as a benchmark for p ...

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Fair Market Value Considerations for Rural Health Clinics

Regulatory Issues (Part IV of V) As discussed in the first installment of this five-part series, rural health clinics (RHCs) are statutorily-created entities, established via the Rural Health Clinic Service Act of 1977. These providers face a range of federal and state legal and regulatory constraints, which affect their formation, operation, and transactions. This installment will discuss two important reg ...

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Valuation of Ambulatory Surgery Centers

In an Era of Reform: Value Drivers (Part II of II) As stated in Part I of this II-part series, as the demand for healthcare services continues to grow, the site at which these services are performed is experiencing a simultaneous transformation from the inpatient (e.g., hospital) setting to the outpatient setting—e.g., at ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs). This article will review the unique value drivers t ...

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