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Valuation of Hospital System Targets

Insights from the Analysis of Mega Transactions By scrutinizing data from large transactions, valuation experts can glean important information and insights into current healthcare valuations. In this article, Collin McDermott and Bridget Triepke summarize SEC filings, review the implied valuation of large healthcare mergers—based on the purchase price—and provide a detailed review of the fairness opinions ...

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Healthcare M&A Focuses on Outpatient Facilities

While mergers and acquisitions within the healthcare sector are expected to grow this year, the bulk of the deals will likely involve targets such as large, outpatient care centers and allied healthcare facilities, as opposed to large in-patient hospitals. This analysis comes as part of a white paper recently released by Ponder & Co. Also included were projections that nonprofit institutions will be the ...

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M&A Looking Up for Middle Market in 2014

In an optimistic prediction from Reuters, middle market M&A activity should carry lots of opportunities throughout 2014.  The positive outlook comes after a combination of more certainty with respect to Fed tapering and fewer concerns about government stalemates.  The prediction also relies heavily on the observation that companies previously focused on cost savings have begun to shift their attention t ...

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Strategic Maneuvers

Gaining a competitive advantage for the mid- and small-market businesses In response to McKinsey & Company’s published article, “M&A as Competitive Advantage,” Bart Basi and Marcus Renwick explore the usage of M&A as part of a larger strategy, rather than a stand-alone deal. Special focus is given to the benefits relating to mid-market and small, closely held businesses, where the bulk of M& ...

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Using F-Reorganizations Strategically in Mergers and Acquisitions Transactions

Avoiding problems with an SMLLC This article reviews the benefits of considering the use of F-reorganization in mergers and acquisitions in addition to the more familiar disregarded entities (DEs) or single member limited liability company (SMLLC). F-reorganization can be used to overcome specific challenges, particularly as they relate to an SMLLC. ...

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Best Intentions: The Letter of Intent, Seller Beware

Buyers and Sellers Have Different Relative Negotiation Advantages, and the Letter of Intent in an Engagement Helps Define Terms. Here’s How. While perhaps not the longest or most expensive document among those found in the in the M&A process, the letter of intent (LOI) may well be the most important, particularly to the seller. The LOI sets the tone for the transaction and serves as the road map for the ...

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‘Win-Win’ Transactions: Keys to Successful M&A Negotiations

Both Buyers and Sellers Should Follow a Careful Process to Realize a Successful Transaction. Here are Some Tips A successful business sale will ideally leave both the buyer and seller feeling the transaction was a success. Charles Andrews recaps questions that he asks sellers before accepting an engagement as a transaction advisor and lists ten steps defining a business sale process most likely to satisfy b ...

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SEC Enrolls in Private Equity 101 —PE Manager

With Limited Resources, the SEC is Using a "Risk Analytics" Strategy to Target Areas of Concern, Explains Exec at Conference Recent examinations of newly SEC-registered private equity firms is helping regulators understand the complex world of private equity, according to delegates and speakers at PEI’s CFOs and COOs Forum 2013 in New York, writes Nicholas Donato at Private Equity Manager.  More: ...

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Fight the Nine Symptoms of Corporate Decline —Harvard Business Review Network Blog

Watch Out for Decreases in Communication, Respect, and Aspiration; Increases in Isolation, Negativity, Rifts.  Good News?  It Can Be Cured. Rosabeth Moss Kantor asks on the Harvard Business Review Blog Network:  How do you know a team, company, or country is on the slippery slope of decline and needs a culture shift?  She writes that she found nine universal warning signs of change-in-the-wrong direction in ...

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Want to Kill Innovation at Your Company? Go Public. —WSJ, ABJ: Citing Stanford Business School Study

Innovation Decreased by 40% at Technology Companies After They Went Public, Finds Stanford Graduate School of Business Study Leslie Kwoh at the Wall Street Journal reports that while many tech entrepreneurs dream of taking their companies public, they may want to think twice.  While public offerings raise cash, new research suggests that IPOs can also result in stunted innovation at technology firms.   Here ...

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Book Review: Middle Market M&A: Handbook for Investment Banking and Business Consulting

40 Percent of the U.S. GDP is in Privately Held Businesses. Here’s What You Need to Understand and Operate in This Market. Performing business valuation and mergers and acquisition work requires understanding a number of core discipline areas. With the expanded understanding of middle market finance, it is helpful to have a roadmap to complete any successful transaction or engagement.  ...

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