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The Appraisal Process

An Outline for Making Awards Useful and Final (Part III of III) Appraisal is a frequently used and often maligned method to adjudicate disputes in the property insurance world. Typically, appraisal is used for the purposes of evaluation only and will not bring finality to a claim in which coverage, or, in certain jurisdictions, causation is also being disputed. Although the perceived advantages of appraisal ...

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Statistical Sampling and Resulting Allocations Under Fixed-Asset Studies

Determining the proper tax treatment of expenditures for tangible property can be difficult—and for taxpayers with a large number of expenditures, statistical sampling can be the only practical way to review and document these expenses.  Here are examples of how sampling can help taxpayers determine the proper depreciation amount for fixed assets. To read the full article in The Tax Adviser, click: Statisti ...

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Ensuring Plausibility Under Daubert—Anything’s Possible

“Dr. Expert, here is our theory for the case. Can you tell me if it’s possible?” Anyone see anything wrong with this? Can the lawyer be the one to come up with the theory for the case? Should lawyers run their theory by their experts? Annie Dike explains that whether or not their theory will pass muster under Daubert will depend not on its possibility but, rather, its plausibility. To read the full article ...

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Lost Profits, Business Cycles, and the Reasonable Certainty Standard

Part 1: Find Industry and Location-Specific Data Courts standards require that damages analysis results be within “reasonable certainty”, and objective rather than speculative. And while the terms “reasonable certainty” and “speculative” are more terms of art than science, given these standards, it is of vital importance to analyze all relevant factors to the extent permitted by the best data available. And ...

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Federal Law Cases Review Mortgages, Broker Price Opinions

A Credit Card Debt is Settled, But Tax on DOI Income Still Due Judge Ruwe at the Tax Court finds petitioners owe tax on income from a settled credit card debt in Shepherd v. Commissioner, and a U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania rules on the valuation of a mortgagee’s creditor’s secured claim in Buena Vista Oceanside, LLC., v. Optimum Bank ...

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Palmerino v. Palmerino & Giaimo v. Vitale

In Palmerino v. Palmerino, the Massachusetts Court of Appealsconsidered whether a trial court erred in valuing the husband’s grocery store. The trial court’s approach had not included discounts—and went further to state that the income approach is preferable for valuation.  Find out what the court decides!  In Giaimo v. Vitale, the Supreme Court of New York considers the dissolution of a company called EGA ...

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