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Power and Negotiation

Assess the Extent of Real or Attributed Power and Consider the Source of Power to Develop a Negotiation Strategy Power, whether real or perceived, can influence negotiations, and comes from several sources: privilege, intimidation, withholding resources, etc. When preparing for a meeting with others to resolve a controversy or dispute, it is important to consider the power sources of all the participants. T ...

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What I Wish I’d Known when I Started My Career

When we see CEOs, founders, influencers and other people highlighted in our daily scrolls on our devices, the individuals almost always look polished. They are poised and confident, and they most surely achieve inbox zero at the end of every day. Yet what is rarely captured is the less photogenic stuff—the steady grind, the setbacks and sacrifices—that come on the way to success. To read the full article in ...

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Checklist for a Better Negotiation

Simple Changes to the Way You Approach a Negotiation Can Help You Cut Costs and Increase Profits Taking a fresh approach to negotiation can help you cut costs and increase profit for your organization.  Samantha White, senior editor for CGMA Magazine, explains that expert negotiators draw on a raft of skills, but thorough preparation, builds confidence and is the foundation of a successful negotiation. To r ...

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Twelve Factors to Determine When to Take and When to Avoid Risk

A Smart Approach to Board Level Risk Management As the economy recovers, companies that cut costs or deferred spending at the bottom of the recession are now looking to reinvest: in hiring, new debt, facilities or equipment, or business acquisitions. How much risk is too much?  This presentation details critical internal and external factors to examine. ...

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