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Closed-End Funds Are Not a Proxy for Discounting

Reconsidering the Use of CEFs as a Proxy for DLOC The market pricing of publicly traded closed-end funds based on net asset values is not a reliable proxy for estimating discounts for lack of control for closely held businesses having a portfolio of marketable securities. Despite the acceptance for decades by the highest courts of this valuation method, the author, in this article, sets forth the basis for ...

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The Techniques and Methodologies Available

and the Process for the Valuation of a Closely Held Business (Part 1 of 2) Assessing shareholder value for either publicly held or privately held companies are two sides of the same coin. The U.S. capital markets have undergone significant changes in the past several years. This development in turn has had an impact on how these two types of companies are valued. Valuing public companies can be rather strai ...

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A Growing Need for Specialty Practices Combining Real Estate and Business Appraisal —New England Real Estate Journal

Understanding Both Sorts of Appraisal is Critical to Valuing Minority, Partial Interests in Holding Entities that Own Real Estate and Other Assets that are Gifted, Sold, or Otherwise Transferred   Randolph Glennon, MAI, CRE, MBA, and president of Eastern Appraisal & Consulting in Portland, Maine, explains in the New England Real Estate Journal why there's growing need for appraisers who understand both ...

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