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Here are Five Ways the Super-Rich Manage to Pay Lower Taxes

Tax planning is a constant consideration for wealthy individuals, not a once-a-year process, said Lisa Featherngill, CPA, PFS. Wealthy clients can use several strategies to manage their tax bills, including creating conservation easements, setting up LLCs to manage investments, and using defined-benefit plans. Looking for more tax strategies for your clients? Use this checklist to help find tax and financia ...

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Helping Clients Understand the ‘Real Cost’ of College Planning

The college selection process can have significant financial implications, so the entire family should be involved in the decision.  The difference in cost between public and private universities is substantial, and the impact on a family's future wealth will be even larger as a result of compound growth. To read the full article in the Financial Advisor, click: Helping Clients Understand the 'Real Cost' of ...

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The Importance of Forensic Accounting

Analysis in Matrimonial Matters As forensic accountants, we may be called upon to determine the value of the marital estate. Frequently, we either receive an avalanche of documents or very few documents. How do we distinguish what is valuable versus what is not? Why is the information so important in our forensic analysis of the case? In this article, the author answers these questions and shares her experi ...

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