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Helping Procrastinators Stay on Track

It is a familiar scenario. As a manager, you have tasked an employee with a large project and given them a generous allocation of time to get it done. Yet, while they appear to be busy, they are not making any progress as their deadline looms. When it comes down to the wire, they spring into action, find their focus, and get the job done, often just in the nick of time. To read the full article in Financial ...

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Common Fraud Red Flags

“I Should Have Known!” When you hear the news that someone was just arrested for committing fraud at their work, it is usually accompanied by fellow employees or managers saying one of two things. Either, “I never thought they were capable of stealing” or “I should have seen it coming.” Why do employers say that they “should have known” and how exactly is it that they should have known? In my experience, th ...

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