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Unimpeachably Unauthoritative Authority

Citation Omitted What makes the world of expert witness services so daunting at times is the fact that so much goes unsaid, untaught, or undefined. For example, the most recent international glossary used by valuation and appraisal professionals across the globe does not define what a conclusion or opinion is. Since saying the silent part out loud seems to be the popular thing to do, this tenth article of t ...

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FAQ Interpretations

Non-Litigation #2 and Litigation #4 The NACVA’s Standards Board was formed to continually review the organizations’ standards and to ensure that the NACVA’s Professional Standards remain up to date, relevant, and relatively consistent with the standards of the other professional organizations. This article addresses the second Non-Litigation and the fourth Litigation FAQ Interpretations published by the NAC ...

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The Pink Elephant in the Courtroom

Un-Impeaching Opinions of Calculated Values Valuation or calculation? That is the question asked, answered, and argued by judges, experts, lawyers, and industry thought leaders apropos to whether a calculation of value can be used in litigation. The answer echoed throughout courtrooms across America thus far is a resounding “it depends.” This article offers a synopsis of the debate over calculation engageme ...

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