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I Used to Feel Awkward Asking for Referrals

Here is How I Changed my Mindset Asking for a referral may seem egotistical and a bit self-centered, but it is also a good business practice. In this article, Rod Burkert shares two personal obstacles he overcame that kept him from asking for referrals and what changed his mind on this matter. When it comes to building a pipeline of work, referrals are the lifeblood of a BVFLS practice. So why did I feel so ...

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Seven Advantages of Virtual Marketing

Marketing During COVID-19 and Beyond Over the past few months, COVID-19 has become a household word, and shelter-in-place orders have rocked the business world. Small wonder that the concept of virtual marketing and business development has jumped to center stage. Nearly overnight, thousands of professional services firms have begun scrambling to figure out how to replace the only marketing approach they ha ...

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How Referral Marketing Has Changed

and Why It Matters! Referral marketing has dramatically evolved over recent years and, if your firm has not adopted new tactics and strategies, you may be leaving significant business on the table. In this post, Dr. Frederiksen shares some of Hinge Marketing’s thinking about how referral marketing has changed. In the coming months, Dr. Frederiksen will continue exploring this topic, looking first at the pro ...

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Hiring Lessons from the Company Adding More Than 15,000 Employees in One Year

EY looks to hire 15,200 employees by July 1, and that effort includes the use of candidate-relationship software to interact even before the application is finalized.  After a hire is made, the company uses a digital learning software for onboarding. To read the full article in Fast Company, click: Hiring Lessons from the Company Adding More Than 15,000 Employees in One Year. ...

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Should Sponsorships be Part of Your Marketing Plan?

How do Sponsorships Rank as a Strategy for Business Development? How effective are sponsorships developing business leads? Sponsorships provide visibility to a captive audience and ideally convey the firm’s commitment to the cause or event. In this article, Dr. Frederiksen shares his findings on this subject, as well as discusses findings involving the pay to play sponsorships and the community sponsorship ...

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The New World of Referral Marketing

The Growing Importance of Social Media and Marketing Expertise Referrals are an old standard—perhaps the old standard—for growing your practice. For the better part of the last century, firms have worked under a simple assumption: do good work for your clients, network with referral sources such as attorneys and CPAs, and you will win new business through referrals. In this article, the author discusses the ...

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