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Do Not Double Tax Your Business

How the PTE Tax Can Impact the Valuation of Pass-Through Entities This paper explains how the PTE tax in Massachusetts and several other states affects the valuation of a business and how business owners can account for this tax to avoid double taxation. Introduction Taxes can have a significant impact on the value of a business. Pass-through entities such as S-Corporations and partnerships generally do not ...

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Book Review—Taxes and Value

The Ongoing Research and Analysis Relating to the S Corporation Valuation Puzzle What premium, if any, should S Corporations command? How reliable are the current models? How reliable is the evidence that supports the position of the leading U.S. Tax Court cases? What should valuation analysts and consultants consider as they advise newly formed corporations considering making the S election and S corporati ...

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Estate of Giustina v. Commissioner

Tax Controversy Insights In matters argued before the U.S. Tax Court, valuation professionals are frequently asked to provide opinions related to the value of closely held businesses and of fractional ownership interests in closely held businesses. This discussion relates to a recent appeal of a U.S. Tax Court decision involving such valuation issues. The case in question is Natale B. Giustina v. Commission ...

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How the IRS Values Non-Controlling Interests in S Corps

With Commentary by Original IRS Champion Leading valuation practitioners have proposed various models to guide practitioners valuing controlling and non-controlling interests. The published Tax Court cases—precedents—have favored the position of the IRS. The author suggests that is not surprising. In a soon-to-be released book, Michael Gregory highlights the importance of a new Job Aid focused on valuation ...

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Business Valuation in Divorce Case Law Compendium

At some point in a business valuation analyst’s career, an attorney or pro se party will call asking for a business valuation and perhaps even to retain your services. A good starting point is Business Valuation in Divorce: Case Law Compendium, 2nd ed. This edition is 584 pages long and provides a comprehensive court case digest that emphasizes similarities and differences in the treatment of goodwill (prof ...

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Are Valuation Experts Tax-Affecting the Wrong Earnings?

Important factors to consider in making tax adjustments to pass-through income Damodaran recently wrote about the potential devaluation of dividend-paying stocks if the preferred dividend tax rate were to climb back up to the ordinary rate.  This could inspire valuation experts to make a tax adjustment reducing untaxed Pass-Through Entity (PTE) income to equate it with corporately taxed income that qualifie ...

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Estate of Gallagher Tax Court Case is a Valuation Tutorial

The Tax Court Speaks Loudly and Firmly on the Responsibilities of Business Appraisers Hempstead & Co. has published "Estate of Gallagher is a Valuation Tutorial."  The article emphasizes the importance of providing the court with a clear and convincing explanation of the assumptions and arguments you have employed in carrying out a business appraisal. It discusses the recent Tax Court Memorandum opinion ...

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