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Getting in Shape for Tax Season

As the start of another tax season draws closer, practitioners would do well to review the new due diligence requirements for preparing returns that claim child tax credits and the American opportunity credit, Internal Revenue Service warnings to safeguard client data from cybercriminals and other important developments. To read the full article in Journal of Accountancy, click: Getting in Shape for Tax Sea ...

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Tax Season Wrap Up

Getting Your Groove Back After Tax Season The adrenaline rush is over, the returns are filed and vacation beckons.  However, post-busy-season blues may creep in, observes Cari Weston, CPA, director of the AICPA's Tax Practice & Ethics Team and a former tax practice owner.  She offers ways you can learn from the past season to move your practice forward and celebrate being a tax practitioner.  Want to ex ...

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5 Ways to Truly Enjoy Tax Season —AICPA Insights

Put on a Celebratory Launch Party, Tell Success Stories, Adopt a Mantra, and Realize:  This is What You've Studied and Worked for Throughout Your Career! Let’s face it, writes Tracy Warren at AICPA Insights . Tax time has had a bit of a bad rap for years. You know, talk of never ending piles of work and dreaded long hours. Bah-humbug! Blame it on Ebenezer Scrooge, if you will. But this year it’s time to sta ...

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