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Beware of Hidden Taxes in Retirement: Retirement Scan

Retirees may face a more complicated tax situation than when they were still working.  For example, a portion of their Social Security benefits may be taxed at the federal level if their combined income, which is their adjusted gross income, plus any non-taxable interest and 50% of their benefits, exceeds a certain limit.  Their retirement benefits may also be subject to state income taxes.  Those who reach ...

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The New 20% Pass-Through Tax Deduction: An Advisor’s Guide

Help Clients Plan for the New Pass-Through Tax Deduction The new tax law includes a 20% deduction for some pass-through business income, but the specifics will vary depending on a client's circumstances.  The rules are fairly straightforward for clients with taxable income under certain thresholds: $157,500 for individuals and $315,000 for joint filers. To read the full article in ThinkAdvisor, click: The N ...

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“Linked Out”: A Response to a Business Valuation Standards Discussion

There Are Different Standards. They Have Different Places in Various Appraisals. Here’s Why. Jim Hitchner considers various responses to the query:  “When valuing an operating company, is it necessary to mention USPAP in addition to SSVS 1 when talking about the standards adhered to?”  Good question. There were lots of answers from various valuators in a recent discussion.  Here’s Jim’s take on it all. ...

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