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Intellectual Property Valuations

The Relief From Royalty Method (Part I of V) This is the first article of a five-part series that focuses on what valuation analysts and owner/operators need to know about one category of intangible property: intellectual property. There are generally accepted cost approach, market approach, and income approach methods that may be used to value intellectual property. This discussion focuses on the applicati ...

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Intangibles in a Transfer Pricing Context

Reflections on the Ninth Circuit’s Decision in, Inc. v. Commissioner What is included when valuing intangibles assets for transfer pricing purposes? This is an issue that was addressed once by the U.S. Tax Court and more recently, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. In a unanimous decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit (issued on August 16, 2019) the court of appeals affirmed ...

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Litigious Attitude Couple With Major Blunders Leads to Big Loss

Lessons on Ill-Conceived Strategies that Companies Should Avoid Doing in Business and in Litigation Being aggressive in business and in litigation is considered an advantage. But, as illustrated in a recent 7th Circuit case, it is possible to be overly aggressive. When this is coupled with some serious mistakes in business and in litigation, it can be disastrous. The cases, 4SEMO.COM Incorporated v. Souther ...

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Intellectual Property Valuation for Bankruptcy Purposes

Part I: Three of the 12 Reasons a Valuation Is Needed in Chapter 7, 9, and 11 This two-part article summarizes the various types of intellectual property that valuation analysts (“analysts”) may encounter within a commercial bankruptcy controversy, lists the generally accepted intellectual property valuation approaches, and presents the reasons why analysts may be asked to value intellectual property within ...

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The Valuation of Trademark-Related Intangible Property

A Primer on the Approaches and Issues Involved in Valuing Trademarks Valuation analysts are often called on to perform valuation, damages, and transfer price analyses of trademark-related intangible property for various purposes. This discussion describes the valuation of trademarks within the context of both financial accounting and income tax accounting (in particular, tax-related intercompany transfer pr ...

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The Relevance of Royalty Rates in the Valuation of Intangibles

The FASB Lists 29 Different Intangible Asset Categories. Here’s What You Need to Know. Intangible assets have comprised an increasing proportion of the value of assets of most companies in the last decade, Gregory Marsh explains. Often a collection of intangible assets is accounted for as a single asset labeled “goodwill.” Here’s why that sometimes doesn’t make sense. ...

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5 Things Small Business Investors Need to Know about “IP”

The Wall Street Journal's Small Business Blog featured recently a guest column by Antone Johnson on the use, misuse, and misvaluation of intellectual property.  It's probably of interest to valuators and financial consultants who are working with small business owners to value and growth their businesses.   Venture capitalists, angel investors and start-up lawyers these days tend to be obsessed with "intell ...

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