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Five Forces Influencing Your BVFLS Marketing in 2020

Opportunities Available to Drive Revenue and Remain Relevant Q1 2020 is already in the books. If you are thinking about your practice development goals, strategies, and tactics for the rest of the year, Rod Burkert has some ideas regarding what to do and identifies the opportunities associated with five options. Hard to believe that Q1 2020 is already in the books. And you might be thinking about your pract ...

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The Ultra Rich are Turning to This Key Tax-Cutting Tool

Many of the biggest beneficiaries of President Donald Trump’s tax overhaul have not even been born yet.  The new law doubles the amount that can be passed to heirs without worrying about estate and gift taxes, to about $22 million for a married couple.  But the thresholds are in place only until 2025, and the ultra-rich are turning to a key tool—the dynasty trust—to secure the financial futures of their gra ...

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Application of the Sales Projection Method

In Measuring Trustee Breach of Fiduciary Duty Damages (Part I of II) The prudent investment of trust assets can minimize the potential for trustee fiduciary litigation risk, in addition to maximizing the trust beneficiaries’ economic interest in the trust. However, trust beneficiaries may initiate a breach of fiduciary duty tort claim when they feel that the trustee has breached any investment management fi ...

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Avoid “Dangerous” Planning Generalizations After New Tax Law

Now that the status quo of tax planning has been upended by the passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, wills, trusts, and portfolios are all due for a once-over and advisors are bracing to make sense of some of the most sweeping tax changes in decades. To read the full article in FinancialPlanning, click: Avoid “Dangerous” Planning Generalizations After New Tax Law. ...

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When You Should Establish an IRA as a Trust

The Benefits of Setting Up a Trusteed IRA Trusteed individual retirement accounts are not right for every circumstance, but they can provide additional control over assets.  For example, trusteed IRAs can help clients determine what happens to assets after the death of a beneficiary, which can be especially useful for clients who have been married multiple times.  Talk with your clients about trusteed and o ...

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Many Wealthy Americans Haven’t Planned for the Transfer of their Assets

Affluent Americans aren't Getting Inheritance Help, Survey Finds Even the richest Americans aren't getting professional help and creating plans to pass wealth on to the next generation, according to a survey by RBC Wealth Management.  Less than a third have a comprehensive plan, the survey found. To read the full article in InvestmentNews, click: Many Wealthy Americans haven’t Planned for the Transfer of th ...

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What If My Client Can’t Find a Loved One’s Will?

Clues to Finding a Missing Will Wills sometimes go missing.  Places to check include probate court, safe deposit boxes and hiding places around the home.  Also, consider contacting relatives and reviewing bank statements.  The Kansas & Missouri Estate Planning Blog reminds you that good communication can help prevent this type of problem altogether. To read the full article in, clic ...

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When Clients Don’t Buy What a CPA Firm is Selling

Charles Green has posted an interesting thought-piece over at the Trusted Advisor site: When clients don’t buy what a CPA firm is selling, it’s unlikely that they don’t want what you’re selling. More likely it’s that they’re not buying how the service is being sold. For example, a potential client is talking with several accounting firms about a significant assignment. One firm has expertise in that area an ...

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