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Voidable Transfers at Issue in Sandy Hook Litigation

The Statute of Elizabeth Lives On The Sandy Hook school massacre is the subject of multiple pending litigations commenced by the families of students killed in the tragedy. Alt-right radio show host and prominent conspiracy theorist, Alex Jones, is the main target of these actions following years of broadcasting that the shooting was a hoax. The initial actions are based on allegations of defamation and int ...

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Valuing Contingent or Disputed Assets and Liabilities in Solvency Opinions

Part I of II This is a two-part article. A variety of methods may be appropriate, depending on the context, to value contingent or disputed assets or claims in solvency opinions. These include probability discount, hindsight, and traditional valuation of future earnings. Other possibilities are the cost of insurance or Monte Carlo simulation. The authors discuss the cases and the uses and limitations of the ...

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What’s in a Name?

Why the Change from “Fraudulent Transfer” to “Voidable Transaction” May be a Big Deal The Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act (UFTA) was recently amended and renamed; it is now called the Uniform Voidable Transactions Act (UVTA). “The renaming has no substantive effect whatever. Yet, it reflects an important truth about the act that merits discussion.” This article shows how changes in semantics can potentially ...

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