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How Fees Help Determine Client Perceptions of Value

Confessions of the Pricing Man, How Price Affects Everything Financial experts often struggle with setting fees for their own services and expertise. It is easy to see how someone could have trouble with decisions involving hourly billing versus fixed fees, premium pricing, bundling, discounting, and adjusting for scope creep. The author in this article shares insight from Hermann Simon on the above conside ...

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Why We Struggle with Pricing

Relative to “Those” Competitors Many BVFLS practitioners have a mind-set that presents a self-made obstacle to successfully marketing their professional services. In this article Rod Burkert shares three reasons he has observed that may explain why we, as professionals, struggle with pricing relative to “those” competitors and suggests ways to address those concerns of losing out on price. I want to go on r ...

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Using a Non-Beta-Adjusted Size Premium in the Context of the CAPM Will Likely Overstate Risk and Understate Value

Measuring the Relative Performance of Small Stock vs. Large Stock and the Cost of Equity Roger Ibbotson and James Harrington discuss two different ways of measuring the relative performance of small stocks versus large stocks in this article: (i) the “small stock premium” and (ii) the “beta-adjusted size premium”. Ibbotson and Harrington demonstrate why using a non-beta-adjusted size premium within the cont ...

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Back to Basics

Be a Trusted Advisor Valuation analysts are in a unique position to help their clients. Most business owners have never looked at their business the way a valuation professional does. If the valuation analyst does a yearly check-up or checks in with their clients but does not include a discussion or a strategy to build value in their business, perhaps it should. This is an opportunity to expand the work bas ...

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Pricing on Purpose

How to Implement Value Pricing in Your Firm In this second article of the three-part series, Ronald J. Baker challenges professionals to move from value billing to value pricing. Value pricing inverts the hourly billing model by recognizing the economic facts that it is the customer who is the ultimate arbiter of value. If value is created, the customer understands that cost is secondary. ...

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Accountable Care Organizations

Value metrics and capital formation Robert Cimasi serves as chief executive officer of HEALTH CAPITAL CONSULTANTS (HCC). Mr. Cimasi’s firm is a nationally recognized healthcare financial and economic consulting agnecy headquartered in St. Louis, MO, serving clients in 49 states since 1993. He is author of a three-volume set that offers a comprehensive reference guide to the factors involved in consulting wi ...

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Oscars Neglect “Margin Call”—But Film Offers Solid Insight, Claims NYT Columnist

The Unjustly Neglected "Margin Call"  Ross Douthat at the New York Times thinks the Oscars missed crediting an important film this year: Speaking of Noah Millman, reading his Oscar post reminds me that my own comments on the year in movies neglected to mention what was perhaps the most striking injustice of the Best Picture nominations: The lack of any love for “Margin Call,” which was, as Millman writes, “ ...

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