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Incentives for Auditors to Tell the Truth

In an opinion piece for The New York Times, M.I.T economics professor, Michael Greenstone, examines the parallels between Enron, the corporate accounting scandals of the early 2000’s and the sub-prime mortgage crisis/Great Recession of present day.  Greenstone points out that the biggest similarity and ethical hurdle in both scenarios is the fact that auditors were hired and paid for by the very firms they ...

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IRS Under Pressure for Large Corporate Pre-Filing

In 2011, after a six-year pilot program, the IRS made the Compliance Assurance Process (CAP) a permanent fixture. The intention was to give large corporate taxpayers a pre-filing period where discrepancies or contentious issues could be ironed out to simplify examination after filing. The goal was to provide each side with more confidence in the contents at the time it was officially filed. The problem: CAP ...

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