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The Cash vs. Hybrid vs. Accrual Conundrum

What to Ask for and Use? Most small businesses use the cash basis of accounting. Despite that practice, prospective clients will prepare their books in a variety of different ways that do not conform with the accounting cash basis. There are hybrid and accrual cash basis and the business valuation practitioner needs to recognize the differences between these forms of accounting. In this article, the author ...

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Which is Best: EV/EBITDA, EV/EBITA, or EV/EBIT?

Adherence to Development and Reporting Standards in Family Law Litigation When applied correctly, the Market Approach can link value to market evidence and help support a thorough and well-reasoned valuation. However, valuation analysts often struggle with a variety of challenges when applying the Market Approach that include locating and selecting good comparable companies, selecting or calculating various ...

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New Sanity Check Model

Provides Independent Validation of Indicated Values Newly-minted valuation analysts may question the reasonableness of their conclusion of value. That is natural. In this article, the author introduces readers to the Hypothetical Willing Buyer-Willing Seller Sanity Check Model. This is a model developed by the author in connection with valuation of a 100% controlling interest. ...

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Which Measure is Best for Normalization? Analysts face a potentially major issue when using EBT as the starting point for normalizing future earnings using traditional business valuation fundamentals. An issue arises when assumptions used in forecasting key expenses for normalized earnings differ from the way those expenses were calculated in the historical EBT. Key expenses that can have a large impact on ...

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Non-GAAP Measures: The SEC Updates Interpretation of Disclosure Regulations

While observers appear to be increasingly worried about the proliferating use of non-GAAP measures, a useful debate on non-GAAP measures would probably focus on the nature of their presentation within various disclosures rather than whether or not they should be outlawed altogether.  Sujan Rajbhandary, vice president, senior member of Mercer Capital’s Financial Reporting Valuation Group, explains. To read t ...

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Using ESOPS in Succession Planning

A Case Study An ESOP is one of many options available to business owners considering succession-planning options. There are substantial advantages, but there are also regulatory and cost considerations. A feasibility study may suggest whether the ESOP is an appropriate option. In this article, authors Kelly Finnell and Andrew Holmes share their views on when an ESOP is feasible using a case study. ...

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A Note on ESOP Valuation

A Note on ESOP Valuation[1] One of the most critical issues regarding valuation is the concept of adequate consideration.  The ESOP trustee cannot pay more than “adequate consideration” for the stock it purchases.[2]   In the context of an ESOP, ERISA defines adequate consideration as the stock’s “fair market value…as determined in good faith by the trustee…”[3]  The proposed Department of Labor regulations ...

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