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Book Review: Middle Market M&A: Handbook for Investment Banking and Business Consulting

40 Percent of the U.S. GDP is in Privately Held Businesses. Here’s What You Need to Understand and Operate in This Market. Performing business valuation and mergers and acquisition work requires understanding a number of core discipline areas. With the expanded understanding of middle market finance, it is helpful to have a roadmap to complete any successful transaction or engagement.  ...

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Exit Planning: Nine Options to Consider

When Planning a Business Sale, Be Sure to Consider Personal Goals, Consistency, Salability, and Tax Implications Solid exit planning ensures that a business will realize top value when the owners are ready to move on.  How can business owners determine which strategies to focus on today to best build long-term growth?  It may depend on which exit option the owner ends up pursuing.  Here are nine options to ...

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Sale Options for Senior Physicians

Healthcare Practices Still Command Significant Goodwill Value. Here’s How Owners Can Successfully Plan an Exit. According to The Health Care Group’s Goodwill Registry, a database of buy-in and sale transactions, medical and dental practices are still commanding significant prices for intangible value/goodwill. Here’s the detail on the numbers and guidance for optimal ways owners can find a successor, partne ...

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How Charitable Remainder Trusts Reduce Tax, Ensure Regular Income

This Long Term Plan Is of Particular Use to Owners of Illiquid Privately Held Companies Consultants can help business owners planning a sale by helping them understand how a charitable remainder trust might help. These trusts can significantly reduce owed taxes and ensure owners receive regular income in return for donating cash, securities, or real estate to a charity. It’s of particular use for owners of ...

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Twelve Factors to Determine When to Take and When to Avoid Risk

A Smart Approach to Board Level Risk Management As the economy recovers, companies that cut costs or deferred spending at the bottom of the recession are now looking to reinvest: in hiring, new debt, facilities or equipment, or business acquisitions. How much risk is too much?  This presentation details critical internal and external factors to examine. ...

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Why Did I Select This Expert?

Most consultants, business owners, and attorneys understand that a good expert witness needs to meet core criteria of giving an independent opinion, being able to support that opinion under a vigorous cross examination, and communicate with and persuade a jury. But what else is important? Joe Epps explains. ...

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America’s Wealthiest People: Who are they?

Who Are America’s Wealthiest People? Small- and medium-sized businesses are the engines that drive the American economy. An IRS study of everyone who died with a net worth of at least $600,000 (and thus was required to file an estate tax return) showed America’s wealthiest citizens all have one thing in common: they all held significant blocks of stock in closely held private companies.  In a nutshell, the ...

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Study: Independent Board Is Key to Family Business Succession Plans

A relatively unexplored area of family business research is the role that an active, independent board of directors can play in perpetuating the family business from one generation to the next.  David Thayne Liebell reports at Trusts & Estates that a  recently published book, Building A Successful Family Business Board, seeks to close that research gap. In fact, according to the book’s authors, an activ ...

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The Exit Planning Institute Opens Northeast Ohio Chapter

The Exit Planning Institute Opens Northeast Ohio Chapter  The Exit Planning Institute (EPI), NACVA's Exit Planning partner and issuer of the Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) credential, has opened a new chapter that will be serving the Cleveland and Akron region in Northeast Ohio. The chapter president will be Christopher M. Snider, a partner at Aspire Management in Cleveland. Christopher M. Snider, C ...

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